Clients who escorts will meet

It seems a little crazy to me that in 2021, I am bringing you an article like this. In my bubble, everyone knows that we are Desire Leeds Escorts.


Self explanatory this one! If you make a booking and do not show up you will be blacklisted. Absolutely no problem if you ring to cancel, or your phone runs out of charge and you phone later with apologies…..these things Rachael will overlook and give you another chance but if you’ve made Rachael jump through hoops with specific demands and endless questions, oh boy….lets just say she wont be her charming self if you just don’t turn up!


The majority of our girls are Romainan and they will not see clients from their home country. Even if a client turns up and the girls suspect they’re Romanian they’ll ask to see their ID. if no ID, they will err on the side of caution and will cancel the booking. I’ve had clients call me after and tell me they’re Bulgarian or Moldavian but what can we do? If the girl wont see you, she won’t see you so always take your ID!


You may not know, but our Eastern Asian clients are some of our longest serving girls favourite clients. The feedback we get from the ladies, is that they love the EA clientele enthusiasm. One of our top said that her EA clients are “always very grateful, generous and happy to extend bookings. When you have clients like this, it makes your time together so much fun.” So for you EA clients, keep doing what you are doing.

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Clients who escorts will meet

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